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Purchase The Rock Files

The Rock Files Purchase Form


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Keith Austin Enterprises shall furnish for broadcasting the Program "The Rock Files".  Station agrees to broadcast the Program between 6am and 12 Midnight, and to return completed Certificates of Performance on a timely basis. Each hour will contain 12 minutes of avails. Station may broadcast two (2) complete airings of the Program within the 104 week term.



Nielsen Rated Metros 1-25                        $50 per hour (total $2750) or barter 3 spots per episode

Nielsen Rated Metros 26-100                    $25 per hour (total $1375) or barter 5 spots per episode

Nielsen Rated Metros 100+                       $10 per hour (total $550) 

Non-commercial or educational stations    $10 per hour (total $550)

Payment is due in full upon signing. Pay by credit card, check, or wire transfer. Access to The Rock Files downloads will be granted within 1-5 business days.


Station will trade three (3) or five (5) 60-second spots (see above) of ROS inventory per Rock Files episode during contract term. Traded spots will be played ROS between 6am and midnight, Monday through Friday. Spots will be banked for 24 months from the beginning of this broadcast agreement and utilized by KAE, or sold to 3rd parties.

Station will accept the program by high quality digital download in .aiff format. Access to the downloads will be granted within 1-5 business days. To receive The Rock Files in CD format, contact Keith Austin 


Term of this Agreement shall begin on the date of form completion and shall continue for 104 weeks, at which time it shall terminate. Station shall complete certificates of performance, as provided, showing Station's carriage of Programs and commercials. Station shall have exclusive broadcast rights to Program in Station's metro area twice during the Term of the Agreement.  The only exclusion to this is the rights, either now or in the future, of Sirius XM to broadcast this program on their satellite networks.

Station agrees that Keith Austin Enterprises (KAE) bears no responsibility for any failure or delays in presenting the Programs hereunder, whether resulting from technical difficulties, force majeure, or any other cause. Station shall hold KAE blameless for any claims, costs or damages resulting therefrom, or for any other cause.

Select an item ($)

Thank you for purchasing The Rock Files! To request access and download The Rock Files, click here.

You will be granted full access to the file downloads within 1-3 business days. Please direct any questions to

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